Kerja Kosong Penyelia di PERODUA

Job Vacancy Supervisor at PERODUA

PERODUA menawarkan jawatan kosong Penyelia(Supervisor). Pengalaman sekurang-kurangnya 3 tahun, Bagi yang berminat sila baca keterangan lanjut dibawah:

Job Description:
1. Supervisor

-To monitor the daily operation and manpower towards target achievement in terms of Safety, Quality, Delivery, Cost and Man.

-Diploma in Engineering – Mechanical / Mechatronic / Automotive / Electrical / Electronics.
-Minimum of 3years’ experience in engineering related field
-Possess strong interpersonal skills, high level of drive, independence and self confidence.
-Able to prioritize and coordinate activities whilst working under pressure to quality, cost and time deadlines.

We offer competitive remuneration packages and career acceleration opportunities to all successful candidates. If you have the pioneering spirit, we invite Malaysians to write in to:

Human Resource Manager
Perodua Automotive Centre, Sungai Choh,
Locked Bag No. 226,
48009 Rawang, Selangor

Fax No: 03 – 6733 0439

Tarikh Tutup: 9 Julai 2010

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