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Learn from failure

DIFFICULT goals, by their very nature, require one to overcome substantial obstacles.  The path to success, which usually involves achieving difficult goals, has many obstacles.  A major psychological obstacle on the path to success is dealing with temporary failure. What you do when you fail temporarily has a big impact on whether or not you [...]

Think Before You Send

BEFORE you send that “cute” remark, that scathing criticism or that “private” thought via e-mail, stop and consider what you are really saying.  Even Tina, the tech writer in the Dilbert comic strip by Scott Adams, says: “One should never compose e-mail while one is snarling.”  How you feel affects what you say, of course, [...]

Perform Like a Pro – 9 Strategies to Build Youself

BUSINESSES today are run at a pace that does not allow new employees to have their hands held by supervisors and be guided every step of the way. Usually, a rookie is expected to know exactly what to do. Newcomers are expected to be self-driven, self-motivated and self-sustaining. They are expected to set their own [...]