Jawatan Kosong Kerani Data Entry

RHB Banking Group kini sedang membuka jawatan kosong sebagai Kerani Kemasukan Data (data entry clerk). Sebanyak 48 kekosongan jawatan data entry ditawarkan. Kelulusan diperlukan hanya Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) sahaja. Pemegang Diploma juga digalakkan memohon. Pengalaman diantara 1 hingga 2 tahun dalam bidang berkaitan. Keutamaan diberikan kepada mereka yang boleh mula bekerja dengan segera. Bagi anda yang berminat dengan jawatan kosong data entry ini sila baca keterangan lanjut dibawah

As a leading bank in Malaysia, the RHB Banking Group integrates the best of diverse talents to meet the needs of its growing customer base. We are looking to hire dedicated individuals who want to broaden and enhance their careers.With presence in Singapore, Thailand, Brunei and Vietnam, and backed by more than 270 business outlets in Malaysia, RHB is a place where you can develop yourselves locally and also internationally. So, join us and be part of our regional expansion story.

Data Entry Clerk
MYR 1164 – 1700
(Kuala Lumpur – Jalan Tun Razak)

* Maintaining records and filing
* Data Entry & Typing
* Organize data

* Minimum SPM with credit in Bahasa Malaysia, English and Mathematics.
* Diploma holders are encouraged to apply.
* Preferably 1 to 2 years’ working experience
* Working experience in insurance industry
* Working knowledge of Microsoft Office (i.e. Microsoft Words, Excel & PowerPoint)
* Pleasant personality, service oriented with good interpersonal skills.
* Excellent team work and have initiative
* Good spoken and written English
* Preference will be given to those able to start work immediately
* Applicants should be Malaysian citizens or hold relevant residence status.

If you are a go-getter with the drive and determination to be a part of an innovative team, we encourage you to submit your application before the dateline.

Company Address:
Recruitment Management,
Group Human Resource Level 3,
Tower 3, RHB Centre, Jalan Tun Razak Kuala Lumpur

The RHB Banking Group is the fourth largest fully integrated financial products and services group in Malaysia. Its four broad categories of businesses – Commercial Banking, Islamic Banking, Investment Banking and Insurance – are collectively grouped under RHB Capital Bhd, which is listed on Bursa Malaysia. The Group’s businesses are offered through its main subsidiaries – RHB Bank Bhd and RHB Investment Bank Bhd, which are wholly owned by RHB Capital, and RHB Insurance Bhd, which is 79.5% owned by RHB Capital. Its Islamic Banking Unit, RHB ISLAMIC Bank Bhd, is wholly owned by RHB Bank, while its asset management and unit trust businesses are held under RHB Investment Management Bhd, a wholly owned subsidiary of RHB Investment Bank. Under a new corporate structure that was implemented in the second
half of 2007, the Group’s various businesses have been categorised into four Strategic Business Units (SBGs)-Retail
Banking, Corporate Investment Banking, Islamic Banking and International

Data Entry Jobs for 2011

Have you recently lost your job? Or has it been six-months or even a year that you’ve been looking for a job?

You may want to consider Data Entry; it’s a solid occupation that dates back to typewriters and the early data computing days. With the advent of PCs Scanners, OCRs, and various other input devices you might have thought that this occupation would be in non-existence today. But there still appear to be a great need for people to perform data entry work.

Still, Data Entry jobs are even posted on many of the popular Job Boards; accuracy, detail, and speed seems to be an essential element for this type of position – in addition to having some computer skills for today’s market.

Types of Work

The good news is Data Entry work can be done from home; there are many companies that are in need of people to perform certain types of data entry work – understandably this is computer work that machines cannot easily duplicate, e.g. updating Company websites, maintain Social Media accounts, typing blog entries, and writing articles, to name a few.

Supplemental Income

In recent years, we’ve seen many work-at-home opportunities pop-up, the good and the bad. However, many people still find legitimate “work from home” opportunities. In many instances we’ve heard where people have made more money working from home part-time than they did at their regular jobs.

In a slow economy people are looking for ways to supplement their income, which have led many to look more closely at work-from-home opportunities.


But how does one know which opportunity to choose, in his book “How to Easily Attain Your Dream Work-From Home Job,” author Partha Sarkhel says, “We can teach you exactly how to identify the frauds so you can eliminate being ripped off right from the very beginning. How awful it is to be scammed out of your savings in a work-from-home opportunity that never really delivers.”

There are some companies that still train people in Data Entry, one company that’s been around for many years says the Data Entry market is still good and there are many types of opportunities for people who can follow a system.


Data Entry has opened up doors for many people to earn money, and not just the typical work-from-home-mom, but College Students and Dislocated Workers with moderate computer skills just to name a few; basically anyone looking to supplement their income.

In summary, take time to investigate, and understand the different types of work-from-home opportunities that are available; make sure it aligns with your skill set and most of all your interest – because they’re out there.

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  2. Muhd Fakhrullah Bin Rasiman on July 22nd, 2011 at 11:26 am

    Saya berminat dengan jawatan yang ditawarkan tersebut.
    Saya mempunyai Sijil SPM Kejuruteraan Awam Dan Diploma Perakaunan.
    Sijil yang menyokong saya dalam bidang perakaunan adalah UBS Computerised Accounting.
    Sila hubungi saya di talian 017-692 2793 (fakhrul).
    Terima Kasih.

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    Salam sejahtera jika terdapat kekosongan hubungi saya di:
    Tel : 0198353679
    Alamat : (A) 1-03-005,Block I Goodyear Court 1,
    Jalan USJ 6/1 Off Jalan Kewajipan,
    USJ 6,47610 Subang Jaya,Selangor.
    (B) Kampung Sebemban Via Jalan Gedong,94700
    Email : star88sie@yahoo.com

    Saya merupakan graduan dari Interbankers Management Sdn Bhd dan mempunyai sijil dalam kursus Asas Perbankan.Selain itu, saya pernah menghadiri kursus Pengetahuan Asas Perkeso.
    Kerjasama dari pihak tuan/puan amatlah saya hargai.

    Sekian, terima kasih!!!!!!!

  4. salam,
    saya berminat untuk jawatan data entry,saya berpengalaman selama 3thun sebagai data entry pos malaysia,filling,membuat report,
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    Saya brminat dengan jawatan yg ditawarkan.. Pengalaman 1 tahun. Sila hubungi saye 0133313401..

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    Saya sangat berminat…..Pengalaman sebagai Data Entry, di Data Tech Sdn Bhd,dan pernah di hantar oleh syarikat ke Maybank untuk key in data Application for credit card….sila hubungi saya

  11. NORAYATI JUNDIN on October 3rd, 2011 at 4:36 pm

    assalamualaikum ,

    saya sangat berminat dengan pekerjaan tersebut . saya merupakan lulusan SPM .
    saya tiada pengalaman bekerja kerana umur yang masih muda .
    jika saya diberi peluang , saya akan memberikan 100% commitment terhadap pekerjaan tersebut .

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    sekian , terima kasih .

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    nama saya keertana dan saya pelajar lepasan diploma perakaunan.saya benar-benar berminat dengan kerja data entry ini.saya mempunyai sijil UBS Accounting system.Saya amat berbesar hati jika mendapat balasan dari anda.Sila hubungi saya..0166451914

  14. Norhafiza Muhamed Yasin on October 24th, 2011 at 11:08 am

    Salam Sejahtera
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    Saya berminat dengan jawatan yang di tawarkan. Saya berkelulusan SPM. dan saya mempunyai pengalaman bekerja sebagai kerani data selama 3 tahun di syarikat it yang melakukan kerja-kerja memasukkan data untuk bank-bank seperti Ambank Bhd, Bank Islam Bhd, koperasi. Saya juga boleh bekerja dengan segera. Di sini saya sertakan nombor untuk di hubungi, 012-9184540. Saya berharap pihak tuan dapat memberikan saya peluang untuk menyumbangkan tugas saya di syarikat tuan kelak.

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  19. Please send me an email if there are still vacancies for this job. Very much appreciated. Thank you.

  20. J.Kesol Matinggang on January 2nd, 2012 at 3:01 pm

    Hi im JKesol Matinggang live in ampang selangor, i interested of ur job offer as a data entry in ur company and i dont mind to walk in interview as soon as possible. Tq Plz call me 0126640242

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    sya bermnat dngn jawatan ini…saya ade pngalaman bekerja dlm banking in 1 year cume beza sbelum nie sy tele collector nk kje admin sbb nk nk cri benefit yg lgi ok dri sbelum ni…

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    Di sini saya serta kan resume saya.


    No. 40-1A, Taman Seri Bayu,
    Kampung Tasik Tambahan,
    68000 Ampang, Selangor Darul Ehsan.
    H/P: 012-678 0089
    Email : merahufiya@gmail.com


    NRIC No : 730513-10-5882
    Date of Birth : 13th May 1973
    Gender : Female
    Nationality : Malaysian
    Race : Malay
    Religion : Islam
    Marital Status : Married


    Name of Institution : Sekolah Menegah Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah, Section 2 Shah Alam, Selangor D.E
    Level : SPM
    Grade : 1(Aggregate 16)
    Year : 1986 to 1990

    Name of Institution : KDU University Collage
    Year : 1993 to 1998
    Grade : Certificate Class 2
    Level : Diploma & Degree of Accounts


    1. 1.Taung Liang Industries (M) Sdn. Bhd.
    44A, Jalan 1D, Off Jalan Batu 3, Kampung Baru Subang, Shah Alam, 40150, Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia
    +60 3-7846 1221

    Position : Ass. Admin

    Year : 2000 to 2003

    Salary : RM 1,200.00

    Job Description :-

    a) Daily Check Staff Punch Card
    b) To Do Company Head Letter
    c) Sorting out the post
    d) Answering the phones
    e) Ordering office stationery supplies
    f) Greeting clients
    g) Typing
    h) Filing
    i) Managing diaries
    j) Performed various secretarial/clerical duties as documenting, photocopying, faxing & mailing


    2. Syarikat Setia Murni
    No. 6, Jalan SP 1/3,
    Taman Subang Perdana, Sek. 1
    40150 Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan.

    Position : General Clerk Cum Account Clerk

    Year : 2003 to 2004

    Salary : RM 1,400.00

    Job Description :-

    a) Sorting out the post
    b) Attend to all incoming and outgoing call appropriately & courteously
    c) Ordering office stationery supplies
    d) Greeting clients
    e) Typing
    f) Filing
    g) Managing diaries
    h) Checking Company Bank Statement
    i) Data Entry
    j) Record In Out Company Monthly Payment
    k) Prepare payment vouchers, bills, invoicing, delivery order, issuing cheques,
    l) Make a Call to Collect monthly payment
    m) Check Government Tender On Newspaper & Internet
    n) Buying & Fill Document Tender & Submit The Document To Authorities Office
    o) Do Monthly Salary, EPF & SOCSO
    p) Performed various secretarial/clerical duties as documenting, photocopying, faxing & mailing


    3. Chang Pau Kim Excavator
    No. 35 Jalan TUDM, Kg. Baru Subang,
    40150 Shah Alam , Selangor Darul Ehsan.
    Tel : 03-7847 6126 Fax : 03-7847 6128
    Position : Personal Ass. Cum Account Clerk

    Year : 2004 to Currents

    Job Description :-

    a) Sorting out the post
    b) Attend to all incoming and outgoing call appropriately & courteously
    c) Ordering office stationery supplies
    d) Greeting clients
    e) Typing
    f) Filing
    g) Managing diaries
    h) Checking Company Bank Statement
    i) Data Entry
    j) Record In Out Company Monthly Income Payment
    k) Made Payment for Supplier
    l) Prepare payment vouchers, bills, invoicing, delivery order, issuing cheques,
    m) Open Purchase Oder
    n) Make a Call to Collect monthly payment & rental
    o) Check Government Tender On Newspaper & Internet
    p) Go to Site Visit
    q) Buying & Fill Document Tender & Submit The Document To Authorities Office
    r) Do Monthly Salary, EPF & SOCSO
    s) Go To Bank in Company CHEQUE
    t) Performed various secretarial/clerical duties as documenting, photocopying, faxing & mailing


    4.CKH Trading Sdn. Bhd.
    No. 35 Jalan TUDM, Kg. Baru Subang,
    40150 Shah Alam , Selangor Darul Ehsan.
    Tel : 03-7847 6126 Fax : 03-7847 6128
    Position : Accounts Clerk

    Year : 2006 to Currents

    Job Description :-

    a) Sorting out the post
    b) Attend to all incoming and outgoing call appropriately & courteously
    c) Ordering office stationery supplies
    d) Greeting clients
    e) Typing
    f) Filing
    g) Managing diaries
    h) Checking Company Bank Statement
    i) Data Entry
    j) Record In Out Company Monthly Income Payment
    k) Made Payment for Supplier
    l) Prepare payment vouchers, bills, invoicing, delivery order, issuing cheques,
    m) Open Purchase Oder
    n) Do Debtors & Creditors Ledger
    o) Do Monthly Salary, EPF & SOCSO
    p) Go To Bank in Company CHEQUE
    q) Performed various secretarial/clerical duties as documenting, photocopying, faxing & mailing


    5. CCY Trading.
    No. 35 Jalan TUDM, Kg. Baru Subang,
    40150 Shah Alam , Selangor Darul Ehsan.
    Tel : 03-7847 6126 Fax : 03-7847 6128
    Position : Accounts Clerk

    Year : 2009 to Currents

    Job Description :-

    a) Sorting out the post
    b) Attend to all incoming and outgoing call appropriately & courteously
    c) Ordering office stationery supplies
    d) Greeting clients
    e) Typing
    f) Filing
    g) Managing diaries
    h) Checking Company Bank Statement
    i) Data Entry
    j) Record In Out Company Monthly Income Payment
    k) Made Payment for Supplier
    l) Prepare payment vouchers, bills, invoicing, delivery order, issuing cheques,
    m) Open Purchase Oder
    n) Make a Call to Collect monthly payment
    o) Do Debtors & Creditors Ledger
    p) Go to Bank in Company CHEQUE
    q) Performed various secretarial/clerical duties as documenting, photocopying, faxing & mailing

    NOTE : Salary for Chang Pau Kim Excavator, CKH Trading Sdn. Bhd & CCY Trading is RM 1,900.00

    1. Knowledge in Microsoft Office, Power Point, Microsoft Words & EXCEL
    2. Good Communication in Bahasa Malaysia & English
    3. Able to work independently
    4. Maintain a high level of confidentiality


    Hassan Bin W.N.C Kassim
    No. 40-1A, Taman Seri Bayu,
    Kampung Tasik Tambahan,
    68000 Ampang, Selangor Darul Ehsan.

    Relationship : Husband

    Working at :
    FS Trading Sdn. Bhd.
    KIA Motors
    Ampang Point Shopping Centre
    6 Jalan Mamanda 3,
    68000 Ampang, Malaysia
    Phone:+60 3-4256 5556
    H/Phone : 016-604 8542

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  50. OZELINE BINTI SIKAW on June 4th, 2014 at 3:48 pm

    Sy berminat dgn jawatan data entry clerk.
    Sy berpengelaman 3 tahun dlm biding data entry dan bekerja dgn maybank bhd selama 3 tahun.
    Sy boleh bekerja anytime.
    Sila hubungi sy di talian 0166946427.

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    akhirnya 5 Milyar yang saya minta benar benar ada di tangan saya, semua utang saya lunas dan sisanya buat modal usaha, kini saya kembali sukses terimaksih KI JAMBRONG saya tidak akan melupakan jasa AKI. JIKA TEMAN TEMAN BERMINAT, YAKIN DAN PERCAYA INSYA ALLAH, SAYA SUDAH BUKTIKAN SILAHKAN HUB AKI JAMBRONG DI 0853-1712-1219.)


    Catatan: satu kata sudah cukup untuk orang bijak dan terima kasih banyak atas bacaan kesaksian dan kabar baik saya
    Tuhan memberkati kalian semua!

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